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Sydney Kings vs Dongguan Leopards: A Poem

Just got home from the game

So I thought I’d try my pen

And attempt to frame

When the Leopards entered the Lion’s den


Intimate Alexandria was the venue

Hanging with many banners

But unfortunately for Luo and Xingyu

As hosts the Kings forgot their manners


29-15 Sydney jumped out of the gate;

A margin too hard to redress.

Particularly with players as great

As debutant Josh Childress.


Watching his poise and hang-time,

It has become obvious early;

(Yes, I know it doesn’t rhyme)

Kendrick Perry’s a star clearly.


Despite his team’s unhappy score

It was great to see legend Brian.

The crowd gave him a roar;

One worthy of the Lion!


Goorj shouts at his men,

“Box out Angus Brandt!”

As he grabs rebound ten

But they just can’t


By half-time the margin was 22;

Many of them points in the paint.

Then the fouling out of Liu,

Was Brian’s next complaint.


Madge’s shooting continued the deluge.

And upon Garlepp you can always rely;

His numbers weren’t huge;

But sometimes stats lie.


The imports made the crowd grin;

Throwing down four alley-oops.

Final score: a 21 point win;

Man, I love the return of NBL hoops!


Box Score:

Sydney Kings TV game video (featuring commentary by Matt McQuade, Bruce Bolden and Brad Rosen):