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2014-15 NBL Season Preview – Adelaide 36ers

Who did the 36ers add this season?

Peter Crawford:  coming off an injury riddled season the NBL veteran is hoping he still has legs

Daequon Montreal: SEABL star made famous by a huge 46 point effort in the SEABL Grand Final

Jamar Wilson: Underutilised at Cairns and looking to prove he still has game

Tom Daly: Fat Golfer who lost weight.. Oh.. Tom.. Fringe NBL local product

Sam Johns: exciting young prospect suits up in the NBL for the first time


Who did the 36ers lose this season?

Gary Ervin: Mighty Mouse returned ‘home’ to the Wollongong Hawks

Jason Cadee: Ran to the Kings as quick as he runs the floor

Daniel Johnson: Seeking a huge pay day in Europe

Jarrid Frye: One would question if the 36ers actually ‘lost’ him though. More like abandoned cargo at the airport.


Who will be the keys to success?

Whilst a defensive liability at times the main key for the 36ers success is filling the 16 points per game hole that Daniel Johnson leaves. Assuming Montreal is an effective player at the next level and Anthony Petrie taking on a slightly bigger load this may be a relatively easy feat to achieve.

Though the 36ers don’t look like the best team on paper they will need to learn quickly to share the load and use a bit of everything that everyone brings to the table. By playing as a team and everyone chipping in the 36ers could put up a bit of a fight. If that doesn’t work they will be relying on the three ball all season long.

Who will be the X-Factor that could elevate the 36ers if they step up? 

Each year Joey Wright gets talked about by fans as a potential coach of the year and personally I have never seen it. He won a title with maybe the most stacked team in NBL history and underachieved with the Gold Coast Blaze. It is time for Joey to put his money where his mouth is and show that he can do more than argue with refs from the side line, continually looking disappointed, and blaming Adam Tatalovich for everything;  and actually coach.

Another factor lies on their wings. Is Peter Crawford capable of playing at the level consistent with his history and will Mitch Creek show finally show the potential that is often talked about? If the answer is no to both these then the 36ers, with their weak bench will bust very early in the season.


Where will the 36ers finish on the ladder?

Last year’s grand finalists won’t see a repeat of last season. I can see the 36ers finishing outside the top 4 ending the season in 5th or 6th place on the ladder.


What reason does an average fan have to watch the 36ers this season?

1. The open break: With Jamal Wilson looking to run the floor with the option to kick it off to Creek, Crawford, Montreal, Johns, Gibson, or even Petrie will be enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats

2. Mitch Creek: We all know that Mitch Creek is capable of soaring above the ring and it is time for the dude to make it happen out there on the court. His high flying acrobatics could help put the 36ers back on the map

3. Adam Gibson: When Gibbo’s hand gets hot it is on fire. Watching an ‘en fuego’ Gibbo hit shot after shot to keep his team in the game is one thing that makes basketball great


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