Rockstar Games introduces GTA Online




Rockstar Games released their video for GTA Online attempting to prove to the world that they have revolutionized online gaming.

Though the blasé voice over didn’t go a lot into the specifics of the online gameplay there were certainly a few conveyed overtones. Basically, once your online character arrives in Los Santos they will be introduced to an array of structured and unstructured events that they can get up to. You could just choose to cruise around, get up to no good, or complete different “jobs” which could be anywhere from robbing a store, forming a crew and robbing a bank and even competing in classic online modes.

Completing job will earn you virtual currency that can be spent pimping your player’s appearance, purchase and customizing your vehicle and weapons and even purchasing an apartment, home or garage to store your vehicles. Oh, don’t be scared use your vehicles in races to earn additional VC for spending.

Everything you do in GTA Online will help you advance along, meeting new people and opening new possibilities, or you could use the content creator to make your own races or death matches.

With an assurance that Rockstar will keep dropping additional content into GTA Online gamers should continue to have something to do for some time, but don’t rely on them for your fun. Get creative and make your own.

Though R* have loosely told us what we can do, we haven’t been told how or why. Is there going to be a cost to the gamer to get involved? How many players can the server take at a time? Is GTA Online supposed to be a MMOG? Sim City struggled early on with its players getting online and given the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles aren’t renowned for having environments with lots of people in. How exactly is it going to work?

Watch Rockstar Games’ GTA Online video below