10 Changes we would like to see in NBA 2k15

With the NBA season done and dusted a huge void fills the lives of hoops fans. That is until 2kSports drops its latest iteration of its virtual NBA biosphere and fans can finally get their hoops fix. NBA 2k has been the main stay, with EA Sports struggling to piece together a solid hoops game for many years now. NBA 2k has jumped in leaps and bounds, particularly with the step into next gen which saw a fantastic looking product mesmerize us on our big screens. With NBA 2k15 due to drop in early October let’s have a look at 10 changes we would like to see in NBA 2k15.

1.   Get rid of VC (virtual currency) from the MyGM mode. It is absurd that the player needs to spend VC on setting the line-up and almost everything else. Players just want to sit back and manage their team. So let them. Why let the barrier of VC get in the way of a player enjoying the mode. Save the VC for MyTeam and MyCareer. It makes a bit more sense there.


2.   Allow the user to set the amount of games in MyGM mode. As it stands, you are forced to play an 82 game season. Part of the enjoyment of the mode is to build a dynasty and conquer the league which is real hard to do when you are forced to play (or sim) 82 games. Let the player choose a shorter season which allows them to get through seasons quicker.


3.  Whilst we are still on the topic of MyGM mode. Why not let the player create an expansion team, let them choose the city, the team uniform and court colors (and an alternative jersey), and some arena customization. Let them have the city name on the jerseys instead of the crappy stock logos that have been present in the past. Building a team through initially an expansion draft, then later the free agency market and draft picks will be a lot of fun. Let us sign players from the Euro teams in the game too.


4.   Change that voice in MyCareer mode. It is not that it is a terrible voice it is just that it is the same voice year in year out. Mix it up a bit. Better still. Let the user pick from a couple of voices for their up and coming NBA star.


5.  A proper create a player function on next gen consoles. Next Gen players were force to pick from one of a handful of faces for their MyPlayer character. This led to just about every person’s character looking the same. Hell. Even the majority of computer generated players looked the same. Bring back the create player function where users can pick each physical trait or feature of their dude.


6.  Stop penalizing the player with a grade hit in MyCareer for playing help defence. When the opposition point guard blows by your team mate to an open lane you aren’t going to let him have it. Of course you run over to protect the paint and prevent the easy dunk or finger roll. If the point guard kicks the ball out to the player you left and he makes an open mid range jumper so be it. The player played the percentages. He did the right thing. Don’t blast him with an ‘Allowed opponent to score’ penalty.


7. Make the player personality stat actually mean something other than a player waving their arms around more than the other guys each time they make a basket. If Metta World Peace has an unpredictable nature then the game should reflect that. Are we getting Game 7 of the Finals Metta or is his elbow getting friendly with James Harden’s beard? We won’t know until he is on the court and the team should benefit or suffer from that too.


8.  Overhaul the crowd. Show us the power of the PC, the PS4 and the XBone. Watching a guy walk back and forth along the seating row or up and down the aisles and the crowd behaving like robots is so yesteryear.


9.  Each year we hear about player DNA and how on court performances will affect player ratings in the game and each year this falls short. By why leave it there. If a player starts wearing a calf sleeve or shaves their hair off or grows a beard how about we see that in the game too?


10.  How annoying are a lot of the dynamic goals? Being told to take good shots only when you are shooting 0.800 for the night, being told to bring the scores even only to get subbed out in the next play. These things are supposed to be dynamic, right? So why not make them dynamic and fit the context of what is going on out there on the court?


These are ten changes we would like to see in NBA 2k15 and in our opinion this would increase the enjoyment many games will experience in the game. I decided to leave out anything to do with shooting percentages. I don’t have a huge problem with players missing open shots. Teams in the game seem to already shoot at Game 4 San Antonio first half percentages every game. Yeah, this could be eased back to truer shooter percentages but it isn’t really a game breaker for me.

What changes would you like to see in NBA 2k15. Let us know in the comments section below.