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90s Rock Stars Then and now

Remember your favorite rock bands from the 90s? The guys in those punk-pop and power-pop were so cute, right? The girls wanted to be with them and the guys wanted to be just like them. From splattering posters of them all over your bedroom wall to rocking the t-shirts of those bands that you loved, but never to their concert… never be the dude that wears the t-shirt of the band playing at the concert. But I digress. let us take a trip down memory lane and revisit all the bands we loved then and most likely still love now. Ladies and gentleman, 90s Rock Stars Then and now.


Deryck Whibley: Sum 41

Apparently Sum 41 were really huge in the 90s. Personally I never saw what was so special about them. AndRise’s very own Mitch Page was prepared to declare war on Sum 41 and punch Whibley in his pretty little face to snag Avril Lavinge’s affection but after seeing Whibley emerge from obscurity it was pretty clear why Lavinge left Sum 41 for Nickelback.



Mark Hoppus: Blink 182

Mark, If no one likes you when you were 23 even less people like you when you are 43.



Tom DeLonge: Blink 182

His friends said he should act his age, but what is his age again?



Dexter Holland: Offspring

He is also looking pretty fly…. for an old guy.



A. Jay Popoff: Lit

Remember Lit? Yeah, they like had that one song which I swear was in every American Pie movie. Anyway, A. Jay, it looks like age was your own worst enemy.



Jonathan Davis: Korn

If a back to front letter R was the coolest thing going around Korn were certainly the coolest. Here is what the front man of the band that ‘got the life’ looks like today.



Fred Durst: Limp Bizkit

Fred used to do it all for the Nookie but these days he is just another sucker with a lump stuck in his throat. In the words of PJ Harvey, “who is Fred Durst?”



Scott Weiland: Stone Temple Pilots

For a dude who has taken the amount of alcohol and drugs as Weiland has he sure is looking pretty good.