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10 songs that you have probably forgotten about but still rock

The 90s was a great time for music. Rap and electronic music were finding their way but rock was as strong as it has ever been. Bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, U2, and REM may be forever etched in the memory of the decade however there was so much more on offer. These are the songs that weren’t on the soundtrack of 90s Teen Comedies. Many fantastic songs have faded away much like the royalties and liner notes on the albums they hail from. Let us revisit a great time for rock music. Here are 10 songs you have probably forgotten about but still rock.


Everclear – Heroin Girl (1995)

People may very well remember Everclear and songs such as Santa Monica, and Father of  Mine may even spring to mind but Heroin Girl is a power rock ditty that still rocks hard as Art Alexakis pays tribute to the deaths of both his brother and girlfriend to drugs.



Local H – High-Fiving MF (1996)

This track is dirty, rough and raucous, but you cannot help but bop your head along to it. This song is the epitome of what non-mainstream punk was like in the 90s. Crank the volume and prepare to throw yourself around.



Nada Surf – Popular (1996)

This song you may recall and it may have even sparked the small spoken word rock song movement but the angst ridden Kinsion style lyrics are just as tasty as the guitar riffs. Yes, Nada Surf may verbally paint you a portrait of aspired teenage school life as portrayed in Gloria Winters’ 1964 book Penny’s Guide to Teen-age Charm and Popularity but Ms Winters never though her words would be spat with as much gusto.



Green Jellÿ – Bear Song

These are the heavy metal guys that bought you Three Little Pigs but they were more than just a one hit wonder. Their music is solid. Not for those without a sense of humour, Green Jellÿ rocked Hollywood in the 90s with their catchy anthem like tunes.



Shihad – The General Electric (1999)

Before Flight of the Conchords, Shihad were the ones that rocked out for New Zealand. With a steady beat and a killer two chord riff, Shihad’s rock anthem was one to get the mosh pit moving.


Elastica – Connection (1994)

Who is Elastica? I hear you ask. Only the British rock band fronted by Justine Frischmann, who in my opinion set the tone for the ‘Brian Molko look’. Connection was considered good enough by Mike Judge to be subject to critical review from Beavis and Butthead.


Kittie – Brackish (1999)

What about Canada? They crack the list courtesy of Kittie with their mega-track Brackish. The first single off their album Spit, Kittie saw their stardom skyrocket in the rock and roll world but have never found the success they found with their first major release.



Ween – Push the lil Daisies (1992)

The rumors were thick and fast when this single hit the airwaves. Were they drunk? Were they on drugs? Who cares.  Dean and Gene from Ween put together a song that people enjoyed then and we are bringing it back now.



Orgy – Blue Monday (1999)

A cover song you ask? Yes, Orgy covered New Order’s 1983 song Blue Monday and gave it their own eerie dark sound with thick distorted guitars complimenting teeth rattling bass. With Jay Gordon’s overly processed voice sitting over the top this is one track that you will always sing along to when you are rocking out in your car.

L7 – Pretend that we’re Dead (1992)

This track was part of the iconic Radio-X playlist from the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but how many of you remember it? This track sums up just about everything that was right with early 90s alternative rock. Give it a spin and feel young again.


That is just ten tracks that still rock from the 90s. I feel like I could keep going on listing song after song. Which ones did we miss out? Which ones would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments section below.