peyton-eli-manning-footballonphone HUMOR

The Manning Brothers rap video: Football on Your Phone

Move over Enimem, Vanilla Ice and Mackelmore(on), there are some new white rappers in town, the  Manning brothers with their hit song called called “Football on your phone”. The often serious brothers, Peyton and Eli channel their inner SNL with this advert for DirecTV and let their hair down (or wear an 80s style wig) and show that they can have some fun when they are not winning Superbowls. The thing is, the 80s would have been a great decade for the Mannings, the bros clearly looking in their element decked out 80s style

The highlight of the video is clearly their father Archie’s cameo as a Neil Diamondesque throne sitter.

So whether you care about watching ‘football on your phone’ or not. Check the video out. it’s great for a chuckle.