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StartStop That Habit Today


Depending on what is weighing most heavily on your mind, you will have more readily identified with the phrase, “Start That Habit Today” or conversely, “Stop That Habit Today” in the title line of this article. We all harbor niggling thoughts in our lives — the speed bumps on the road to contentment. I’m making it my task to repave the road and smooth the path.

Today is your day to do it too. Not tomorrow, today. Postponement is the enemy of progress; the friend of procrastination and failure.

Look, it’s okay to stop reading now. I know that for most people, this post resembles a chimp left alone with a frog, but I know that there is at least one person out there who simply needs this kick in the rear end to make a change.

I’m writing this post, because I made the conscious decision to kick some habits — time-sapping habits — and replace that lost time with habits I wanted to resume, like writing more frequently. This post, of itself, is no masterpiece. I am quick to admit that.

The reality remains, however, that the first step in changing a habit is often the hardest. And the most fruitful in creating a change in your life.

You know how you want to quit smoking? Think about why you want to do it so much and just simply start right now, not tomorrow, not later today, but now, by taking control.

You know how you want to take control of your life and the mess around you? Well, clean that house from top to toe, right now. Sure, it might be such a mammoth task that you have to start with one room at a time, but it will get the ball rolling. It will empower you to continue the next day.

That tax return you had to do? Pull out the papers and get it going. You will feel SO much better.

We all have something that we want to StopStart. Now is the time to get the ball rolling. I’m calling you out on it.