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Sleepers for the 2013/2014 NFL Fantasy Football Season

Andy Dalton


  • Andy Dalton, Bengals, QB (pictured): There are numerous quarterbacks being taken ahead of him in drafts, however if he manages to drop to you, then you should be pleased come seasons end. Dalton has shown great leadership for the Bengals, and we see them making a strong playoff push this season. With the likes of Green, Gresham, Sanu and BGE, Dalton could easily end up finishing in the top ten of his position.
  • Bilal Powell, Jets, RB: With Ivory listed as one of our busts, and Powell listed as the top of the Jets depth chart in pre-season, it appears Powell could be in-line for added workload this coming season. A strong handcuff at the very least.
  • DeAndre Hopkins, Texans, WR: I know over the past few years, much talk has been on someone other than Andre Johnson breaking out for the Texans at WR, however it just hasn’t eventuated, particularly given the Texans focus on the run. Enter Mr. Hopkins. The rookie out of Clemson may not produce straight away, but we see him and Schaub forming a bond as the season progresses.
  • Aaron Dobson, Patriots, WR: Yet another rookie here. Many “experts” have Brady dropping down in value as a result of his receiving corps. That is understandable, however we still see Brady producing. Amendola will receive much attention (assuming he stays healthy), and while the Pats await the return of Gronk, and with the other TE’s struggling with injuries, we see Dobson being the one to step up.
  • Jordan Cameron, Browns, TE: Pre-season reports have suggested good progress with Cameron. With Josh Gordon suspended until week three, the opportunity is there for Cameron to grab it with both hands… literally. He has top ten TE potential.

Stay tuned tomorrow for your guide to Breakouts for the 2013/2014 NFL Fantasy Football Season.

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