Nick-Young-Laker-missed three HOOPS

Nick Young’s premature three-point celebration

Nick-Young-Laker-missed three

Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers has been regarded by many in his relatively short NBA career as a bit of a punkish upstart.

On Tuesday night against the New York Knicks, “Swaggy P” as he refers to himself, did nothing to dispel this impression as he celebrated a three-point attempt which did not actually connect.

The question now is, who will be the first player to punk Young with a similar three-point celebration on a missed trey?

Oh, and if you were wondering where the Swaggy P moniker came from… (as I was) Lakers Nation / SLAM has got your back:

The P is a mystery. I can’t give that secret out yet, Young says. It was one of my first nicknames, so nobody really knew about it and I just kept it a secret. People kept asking about it, so I started saying it’s a mystery. In a couple years I’ll give y’all something.

I can wait. No, really… I can.