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NBA in Tilt-shift

Tilt-shift photography is so hot right now. I have seen more and more people showing off their tilt-shift creations online. Tilt-shift is a process where the selective focus is forced with the results making a scene look like a miniature scale model. Usually tilt-shift works best with cityscapes and landscapes however, I have tried to apply the technique to pictures of the NBA which had its challenges and gave mixed results. So here you have it. The NBA in tilt-shift.


This is a more conventional process of tilt-shifting. Here Madison Square Garden (Which isn’t a square) looks like a mini model.


Cowboys Stadium hosted the 2010 All Star Game and set a record for game attendance at a little over 108,000. Tilt shift makes this image look like a little toy. How cute.


The  Los Angeles Lakers Girls are iconic in the cheer leading circuit (if such thing exists). Once again tilt-shift makes them look like figurines.


‘The Shot’ by Michael Jordan taking the Chicago Bulls on the way to another championship. Who wouldn’t want a scale model of this?


Drazen Petrovic and the Dream Team scramble for a ball. It’s great but it’s better in tilt shift


And we all know how the 1992 Olympics finished.