Beutler_Heres_to_2013_FINAL IMAGES

2013 in one picture

2013. The year of the snake began life on a Tuesday and will get put to rest in a little over a week from now. So much happened in 2013. Miley Cyrus twerked to the point of no one ever caring about her again. Dunder Mifflin went into receivership, GTA V took us to sunny Los Santos and Tobias Funke blue himself on Arrested Development; and illustrator, Mario Zucca captured it all in one image.

2013 will be remembered for Kobe’s injury and not Dwight Howard’s attention seeking through free agency.

Zucca’s depiction of 2013 is a trip down short memory lane. I swear some of these things felt like more than a year ago.

So click on the picture and take a look at it (open in a new tab even). Let us know your favorite 2013 moments captured and what moments he missed in the comments section below.

For us. Zucca missed the birth of AndRise.